Fr. Sarathjeevan


In memory of Rev.Fr. Sarathjeevan who was martyred for his people in the last days of the Sri Lankan civil war, Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation was established by the members of his family in the year 2013. Initially the Foundation supported six students in the Uruthirapuram Parish of the Kilinochchi district, by providing each of them Rs.1,000 monthly. The Foundation started to function officially from June 10, 2014, with the patronage of the Bishop Emeritus of Jaffna, Rt. Rev.Dr. E. Thomas Sovundaranayagam, and the present Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr.Justin B.Gnanaparagasam. The five member Board has Rev. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar as the Director, Rev. Fr.T. Raviraj as the Treasurer, Ms. Nithila Mariampillai as the Secretary, Rev. Fr. T.J.Kirupaharan and Ms. Nicoline Saminathar.

With the benevolent donations from the multi-national contributors, the Foundation is now supporting sixty eight students on a monthly basis for their education. Students are selected basing on their interest in education, while being the victims of the civil war, and living under the poverty-line. These deserving students are from the Uruthirapuram, Iranaippaalai, Kumulamunai, Mullaiththeevu, Poonakary, Atchuveli and Jaffna parishes. The Foundation is also helping the poor who are disabled in the civil war.

We thank our donors and the Reverend Fathers who are supporting the Foundation.

Fr. Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Malalaihal Pre-School,
Punkuduthivu, 30-01-2023


The arch name work of Fr. Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Malalaihal Pre-School in Punkuduthivu was renovated at the cost of Rs.52,000.00 in December 2022. Revd. Fr. S. Edwin Naresh, Parish Priest, St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Punkuduthivu, made all the arrangements for the renovation. This Pre-School was constructed and maintained by Sunbeam Foundation, Colombo. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation expresses gratitude to the generous donor from Montreal, Canada, for the renovation.

Dry Food Packs for poor families.
Jaffna, 30-12-2023


Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated dry food packs for the poor families affected by economic crisis during Christmas season. Rs. 292,480.00 worth dry food items were distributed to 56 poor families, affected by the economic crisis, and living in Alampil, Piramananthanaru in Mullaitivu District, Ilavalai and Jaffna during the Christmas Season. Each family was given Rs.5,000.00 worth dry food pack contains Rice, Flour, Sugar, Dhal, Tealeaves, Nestamault and Biscuits. . dry food packs were distributed by Revd. Fr. C.G.Jeyakumar, Director, Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation (FSF), Revd. Fr. S. Jude Amalathas, Treasurer, FSF and Miss. Nithila Mariampillai, Secretary FSF for the poor families. Mr. Anton Tharmalingam and his children, Arjun, Katherine, Theepan, Maria and Mala Tharumalingam, Canada, and Mrs. Bamini Rasiah, Australia, donated these funds and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation expresses gratitude to them for their generosity.

Distribution of Exercise Books
Mannar, 04-01-2023

Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation (FSF) has donated exercise books for a few schools in Madhu area, Mannar District on 4th of January 2022. Revd. Fr. C.G.Jeyakumar, Director, Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation handed over the books to the children at Thadchanamaruthamadhu School. Another set of exercise books were handed over to Revd. Fr. Peppi Sosai, Madhu Administrator to be distributed to nearby schools at Madhu. Further a set of exercise books were given to Uyilankulam RC School and Ilupaikadavai Tamil Maha Vidyalayam. Rs.337,258.75 worth exercise books were donated by Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundaiton for the poor children affected by the economic crisis. Sisters of late Revd. Fr. Sara; Revd. Sr. Marina (HC) and Miss. Nithila Mariampillai, Secretary FSF also participated in the events. Mr.Christy Arul, Urani Foundation France and Mr. Anton Thrmalingam & Children, Canada donated funds for the purchase of exercise books and FSF thanks them.

Fr.Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Malaligal Preschool
Punkudutivu, November 2021

Fr.Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Malaligal Preschool is functioning at Punkudutivu St. Francis Xavier’s Church parish. This was built in memory of late Revd. Fr. M.T. Sarathjeevan who laid his life for the people in the last war in Vanni on 18th of May 2009.

The Sunbeam Foundation constructed this preschool in the year 2017. The Sunbeam Foundation provides the salary for the staff, nutritional food for the preschool children daily and stationary. We thank them.

HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna implemented the construction work. Staff of HUDEC-Caritas Jaffna visited the preschool on 24th of November 2021.

Educational Assistance - Smart Phone for On-line Classes
Ilavalai, October 2021

Because of COVID-19 pandemic situation, school teachers are conducting on-line classes. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated smart phones at the cost of each Rs. 22,500.00 to three students in Ilavalai on 28-09-2021. Sarathjeevan Foundation thank Christopher family, Mr.& Mrs. Jeevakumar & Karuna and Grandchildren of Christopher family for their generous financial support.

Tubewell and Motor Facility for a Poor Family
Kollankaladdy, August 2021

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has constructed a tube-well with motor facility for a family in Kollankaladdy, Ilavalai at a cost of Rs.109,735. 00 on 09-08-2021. Mr. Christy Arul (France, Urany Foundation) has donated this fund and we thank him for the generous contribution.

Tribute Revd. Dr. N. Maria Xavier and Bishop Rt. Revd. Rayappu Joseph
Jaffna, 01 April 2021

On 17th of May 2009, the family of Fr. Sarathjeevan received a text message from their beloved brother Fr. Sarathjeevan who lost his life on the last day of the war at Mullivaikal, that “MYSELF AND STEPHEN ARE OK”. It was around 4.00 p.m. Then they understood that Fr. Sara and other priests and children are still in Mullivaikal and did not come out. Therefore the family contacted Revd. Dr. N. Maria Xavier and told the message. He immediately contacted the Bishop of Mannar Rt. Revd. Rayappu Joseph. They fondly remember that the late Bishop of Mannar and late Revd. Dr. N. Maria Xavier helped the priests and the children with them to come out safely on the 18th of May 2009. May their souls rest in peace. May God grant them eternal bliss.

Food Packages during the Christmas Season
December 2020

25 food packages were distributed by Rev. Fr. C.G. Jeyakumar to 25 families living in Poonakary. 35 food packages were distributed through HUDEC Vanni: 3 packages to Konavil, 20 packages to Thirunagar and 12 packages to Kilinochchi village. Rs 180,000.00 was spent for these food packages.

Rev. Fr. R. C. X. Nesarajah distributed Rs.25,000.00 worth Food Packages to poor families in Ariyalai in December 2020. Rs.25,000.00 worth food packages were distributed to widows in December 2020 through “ANPAHAM”. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation expresses gratitude to Tamil Catholic New Life Good News Prayer Group, (Canada) and the team, Eric, Katherine, Theepan, Maria & Tanner (Canada) for their generous contribution.

University Admission to our Student
Jayanthi Nagar, January 2021

One of the first batch students who received the help of Fr. Sarathjeevan Fund was selected to the University in 2020. Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation awarded monthly education scholarship to a student from Jayanthi Nagar, Kilinochchi from March 2013 to 2019. She sat for the G.C.E.A/L examination in the year of 2019 and got 2C 1S in Math stream. She is selected for South Eastern University to study physical science. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation wishes her all success.

Urani Foundation Funded Dry Rations
Poonaryan, April 2020

Dry rations were provided to 100 poor families in Poonaryan with funding from Urani Foundation of Mr. Christy Arul. Because of the curfew imposed to prevent COVID-19 disease these poor families lost their income. On the request of Rev. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar, the Parish Priest of the Poonaryan the director of Father Sarathjeevan Foundation, Mr. Christy Arul generously provided the funds to these dry rations from the Urani Foundation. Behalf of these poor families, Father Sarathjeevan Foundation thank the Urani Foundation and Mr. Christy Arul for their kindness and generosity.

Dry Rations Provided to 75 Poor Families
Sunamipuram, June 2020

Because of COVID-19 disease, 75 poor families in Sunamipuram in Poonaryan lost their income. Dry rations worth of Rs. 75,000 were provided by Father Sarathjeevan Foundation to these families because of generous donation from Mrs. Gobi Santhy. Behalf of these families, the Foundation thank Mrs. Gobi Shanthy for her care and generosity.

Urani Foundation Provides Education Support
Iluppaikadavai, January 2020

Urani Foundation of Mr. Christy Arul generously funding educational support to 5 students from January 2020. These students are studying at Iluppaikadavai, Tamil Mahavidyalaya (High School) in Mannar. A monthly stipend of Rs. 1,000 is provided to these students through the Principal of the school Mr. Luxdan by Father Sarathjeevan Foundation. This monthly stipend will be provided to these students until they complete their G. C. E. Advanced Level examination. Father Sarathjeevan Foundation is helping 97 students with monthly stipends.

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation Support in 2019
Jaffna, 14 September 2019

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation continues monthly educational assistance to 90 children. Also, Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated funds for the construction of house, toilet, purchase of land, medical assistance and bicycle for the needy people in April, June, July 2019.

The Foundation completed construction of a house at the cost of Rs. 136,785 for Thushanthini's family in Mallikaith Theevu, Puthu Kudiyiruppu. Doors, windows, flooring and finishing walls were completed with the support of the Foundation. Christi Arul in France and St. Patrick's College 1987 A\L Batch Old Boys generously provided funds for this work. We thank these donars behalf of Thushanthini and family.

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation provided Rs.100,000 to Anoji in Achchuveli for purchasing land so that they could build a home. In July the Foundation provided Rs.100,000 to Mariyanayaki in Achchuveli to build a toilet at home. Victor Dominic in Pandaththarippu needed support for medical expenses. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation provided Rs.40,000 for this medical need. Mr. Vadivel in London generously provided funds for these help. We thank Mr. Vadivel behalf of the needy recipients.

In July, Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation provided Rs. 25,000 to Jasmine Gilda in Puththoor for starting a small business to supporting her family. Mr. Christopher and family in Canada donated funds for this support. We thank Christopher family behalf of Jasmine Gilda.

In April, Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation funded Rs. 17,210 to purcahse a bicycle for Ms. Vasanthi. Mr. Aravinthan provided this donation. We thank Mr. Aravinthan behalf of Ms. Vasanthi.

Supporting Education
Jaffna, 19 October 2018

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has been supporting 89 war-affected and poor students for their education monthly from October 2018. Ten children from the war-affected families, living in Naranthanai, Jaffna District have been receiving Educational Assistance since October 2018. Mr.&Mrs. Anjana Justin, UK, supports these 10 children. They also support 6 children at Poonakary. We thank them. Website:

Educational assistance for the students
12 October 2018

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has been supporting 79 war-affected and poor students for their education monthly. Eleven children from the war-affected families, living in Mallavi, Mullaitivu District have been receiving Educational Assistance since September 2018. Mr. S. Ganeshkumar, UK, supports 10 children and Mrs. Thankamalar Rasa, living in Annaikoddai, supports one child. Monthly allowances for these students are being given through Rev. Fr. Skranraj, Parish Priest, St. Sebastian’s Church,Mallavi .

Further, 68 students from Uruthirapuram, Iranaipalai, Kumulamunai, Mullaithivu, Jaffna, Urumpirai, Poonakari and Atchuvelialso receive Educational Assistance. Monthly allowances for these children were given through Rev. Frs. S. Jude Amalathas, Suman Cherilnes, Jesuthasan Arulthasan, Shoban Rufus, Gnanaruban, A. Mac Mayooran and Mr. V. Ameeilton. Dr. J. C. P. Rajendra, Dr. Jaiman Emmanuel, Australia, Dr.P. Ratnakumari, UK, Mr.& Mrs. Marie & Logan, USA, Mr. Vadivel, UK, Mr.& Mrs. Justin & Anjana, UK, Mr. Sanjeeva Lokuge and Ms. Nithila Mariampillai have been giving financial support to these students. Three students have been assisted from the interest earned from the FSF Fixed Deposit. In general, the students of Grade 5 or above were selected, and, monthly, Rs. 1000.00 was given to each student.

Rev. Fr. Sarathjeevan's 9th Anniversary
Uruthirapuram, 18 May 2018

Fr.Sara's 9th year anniversary was held on 18th May 2018 at Uruthirapuram Fatima's church. Holy mass was offered at 11.00 a.m. and after mass Floral tribute and candles were lit and a memorial service was conducted at his memorial statue.

Goat-Rearing and Poultry
30 January 2018

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated Rs.50,000.00 to two families in Udayarkaddu for goat-rearing and poultry on the 10th January 2018. Mr. Vadivel, UK, and Mrs. Suganthy Family, Canada, donated this fund for LVH assistance.

Support for Certified School, Atchuveli
30 January 2018

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has supported Certified School, Department of Probation and Childcare Service, Jaffna, by providing towels and short-eats for the children on the 20th of December 2017. Towels were presented to 83 children during the Christmas Oli Vizha Celebration. Mr. Rex Christopher, Revd. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar and the Carmelites Nuns participated in this function. Mr.Christopher Family donated Rs.63,000.00. We thank them for this support.

Sewing Machine Donated
Uruthirapuram 4 December 2017

A Sewing machine was donated to Mrs.K. Mary Ranjini of Semmankuntru by Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundaton on 10-10-2017. Mr.Vadivel, UK donated Rs.26,900 for this. Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated a Sewing Machine and a motor to Rev. Sr. Selvarani for Uruthirapuram Holy Family Children Home on 10-07-2017. The donation Rs.29,000 was given by the sister of late Fr. Sara, Ms. Nithila Mariampillai.

‘Amaithiyin Arasi’ Church festival
Uruthirapuram 22 August 2017

Uruthirapuram, Selvanagar ‘Amaithiyin Arasi’ Church festival and unveiling the statue of former Parish Priest late Fr. Sarathjeevan was held on 22-08-2017. This is the Church late Fr.Sarathjeevan devoted to Our Lady in the name of Queen of Peace on 6th of August 2008 before the displacement

Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Preschool was ceremonially declared opened.
Punkudutivu, 11 February 2017

Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Preschool at St. Xavier’s Church, Punkudutivu was ceremonially declared opened on 11th of February 2017 by Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasam, Bishop of Jaffna. Rev. Fr. S. Eugene Francis, Director of HUDEC – Caritas Jaffna presided the event. More than 7 million was funded by Mr. Ajit Johnpillai, Director of Sun Beam Foundation for the construction works. Nutritional food and Educational Materials also will be provided for the preschool children by Sun Beam Foundation. Rev. Fr. Sebajeevan, Acting parish priest, Mr. Ajit Johnpillai, Mrs. Marianne Johnpillai, Mr. S. Easwaran, Mr.Rajan Asservathan, Sivakumaran kurukkal, other invitees, preschool children and parents were present on this occasion.

Support for war victims with spinal injuries.
Vavunia 04 January 2017

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation helped securing support for war victim residents of Save Act Home in Kumrankulum, Vavunia. These victims are disabled because their spine was injured during the war. Medical accessories were provided to these brothers and sisters. Six air mattresses were provided to those who cannot get out of bed because of their injuries. Support for Air Mattresses was provided by Mr. Gnanaprakasam, Christopher family of Rev. Fr. Jeyakumar and members of Canadian Catholic Charismatic community. Also school stationary were provided to 50 children who lost their parents and living at Save Act Home and Lebara Wellness Centre. We thank the donors for these support. Mr. Jegatheesan said that there are another 25 victims with spinal injuries in North requested to join this home and Save Act Home was unable to assist them because of limitations in funds.

Donation of School stationery and school bags
Mareesankoodal , March 2022

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated school bags and exercise books to Mareesankoodal RCTM School children on 10-03-2022. Revd. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar, Director Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation handed over the items to 91 school children. Canada Tamil Catholic New Life Good News Prayer Group has donated Rs.70,000 for this purpose and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation thank them.

Crayons and Drawing books
Thirunelvely, January 2022

Revd. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar, Director of Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation (FSF) has given Crayons and Drawing books to the 57 children at Thirunelvely RCTM School on 03-01-2022. The school Principal Mr. Senthilkumaran and Ms. Nithila Mariampillai, Secretary FSF and teachers were present. Mr. & Mrs. Anjula Sugumar from Australia donated funds and FSF thank them.

School Renovation
Thirunelvely, January 2022

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation (FSF) supported Thirunelveli RCTMSchool at Nallur St. Francis Xaviers Church premises to do some renovation work at school. The Great Scholar SWAMI GNANARAGASAR Founded this school in the year 1901. 57 children from Grade 1 to 5 are studying there. FSF appreciates the dedicated service of the school principal and teachers for the education of the children. They are doing a wonderful service. FSF also appreciates the generous donor from Montreal, Canada for his generous support. There are some needs for the children. Play materials such as swing, ladder, Sea-saw, etc are needed for the school. Those who likes to support are welcome to contact us. Thank you.

Dry Rations for families during Covid 19 Pandemic
Ilavalay, October 2021

Rs.200,000.00 worth Dry rations were given to poor families living in Ilavalay and Jaffna during the Covid 19 Pandemic lockdown in August & September 2021 by Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation. The dry food packs were distributed through Revd. Frs. C.G. Jeyakumar, Christopher and Nesarajah. Mr. Christy Arul (Urani Foundation France), donated this fund and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation thank him for the generous contribution.

Dry Rations for families during Covid 19 Pandemic
Jaffna, August 2021

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has helped the needy families during the Covid 19 pandemic in June 2021. Rs.100,000.00 worth dry food items (Rice, flour, sugar, Dhall & Soyameet) were given to 34 families in Jaffna, Chaddy and Ilavalai. Mr. Christy Arul (Urani Foundation France), donated this fund for the dry rations and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation thank him for the generous contribution.

Further, Rs.142,000.00 worth dry rations were given to needy families in Ilavalai & Jaffna. Mr. Christopher family (Canada) has donated this fund and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation thank them for the generous contribution.

Wheelchair for a 15 Year old Child
Jaffna, 01 April 2021

Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated a wheelchair for a 15 year old differently abled child living in Delft. It was handed over to the father of the child on 26th of March 2021 at late Fr. M.T. Sarathjeevan’s residence. Mr. Nimalakumar and Bamini (Canada) donated Rs. 23, 100.00 for the wheelchair and Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation thanks them.

Construction of Toilet to Special-Need Child
Puthukudiyiruppu, November 2020

One special-need child from Puthukudiyiruppu was supported for the construction of toilet. Since she is suffering from severe infection, she needs a private toilet. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation supported her with Rs. 40,000.00 in November 2020, and the family bore the balance. Fr.Sarahtjeevan Foundation thanks Dr. Ratnakumary Pushparajah (UK) for the generous contribution.

Medical Assistance
December 2020

Three children in the family of Mrs. Kavitha Sivakumar are suffering from the failure of kidney. Rs. 60,000.00 was given to the family as Medical Assistance for six months.

A student at Kayts was given Rs.60,000.00 for her medical expenses for six months. She is a diabetic patient. She has to travel to Colombo for treatment. Due to Covid-19 pandemic situation, she could not travel for treatment. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation supported her financially to buy the injection in Jaffna.

A 12 year old child in Pallikudah who suffers from getting fits, was given Rs.15,000.00 for her medical treatment. Mr. Vadivel, UK, donated the funds for the medical assistance. 9 special need-children and one person with a disability were provided with Rs.29,830.00 worth nutritious packages on 10th of December 2020. They are from Mulankavil (1), Mudkompan (1), Palai (1), Kallaru (2), Punnaineeravi (2)and Valipunam (3). 09 special-need children and one person with disability were provided with Rs. 19,978.00 worth pampers on 10th of December 2020. They are from Mulankavil (2), Poonakary (1), Palai (1), Kalarru (1), Punnaineeravi (1) and Uddiyarkaddu (2) and Velipunam (2).

4 wheel-chairs were provided to 4 persons with disabilities, 01 from Iranaimathanagar, 01 child from Mugavil, Palai, 01 from Tharmapuram and 01 from Piramanthanaru.

5 commode-chairs were provided to 5 persons with disabilities, 01 from Iranaimathanagar, 01 from Piramanthanaru, 01 from Uddiyarkaddu and 02 from Vallipunam.

Elbow-crutches were distributed at Kallaru for 02 persons with disabilities.

Rs. 110,500.00 worth medical equipment were donated to the needy persons. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation expresses gratitude to Mrs. Ursula Dunstan (Canada), Tamil Catholic New Life Good News Prayer Group, (Canada) and Dr. Ratnakumary Pushparajah (UK) for their medical assistance.

Water tank and pipe line for differently family of alternately empowered individual.
Palai, December 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Gobi Shanthi (Canada) family donated Rs. 27,200 for providing a water tank and pipeline to the family of an alternately empowered individual living in Palai. The Director of Father Sarathjeevan Foundation, Rev. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar provided the water tank and pipline to the family in December 2020. The Foundation thank Mr. and Mrs. Gobi Shanthi for their generous help to the family.

Father Sarathjeevan Foundation donated water tanks.
Poonaryan, September 2020

Water tanks worth of Rs. 29,000 were provided to five poor families in Poonaryan by the director of Rev. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation Rev. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar in August 2020. Mr. Newton in Canada generously funded this charitable contribution in the memory of his parents 60th wedding anniversary. The foundation thank Mr. Newton for his generosity to the poor families in Poonaryan.

Table and Chair for Students
Navanthurai, September 2020

Mr. Newton from Canada generously funded a table and a chair worth of Rs.6,000 to a poor student in Navanthurai. The student is studying for his G. C. E. Advanced Level examination. The table and chair were provided in August to this student by Father Sarathjeevan Foundation.

Fishing nets provided to fishermen who lost their income because of COVID-19
Pallikuda, June 2020

Fishing nets were provided by Father Sarathjeevan Foundation to 15 Pallikuda fishermen who lost their income because of curfew imposed to prevent COVID-19 disease. On June 25th 2020, fishing nets worth Rs. 106,200 were provided to these fishermen because of the generous funding of Dr. A. M. Sebestiampillai (Colombo) and Mr. Christy Arul (France). Parish Priest and the director of the Foundation Rev. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar requested the donation and thank to the donors for their care and support.

Bicycle donated
Jaffna, 10 January 2019

Another bicycle was donated to an G.C.E.(A/L) student in December 2018 at Kokilai at a cost of Rs.18,000/-. He was studying at Semmalai School and going for his house at Kokilai. The fund was donated by Mr. Christy Arul Mariampillai, France through Christy Oorani Development Project. We give our thanks to him.

Relief Items
Jaffna, 10 January 2019

Rs.50,000.00 worth Dry rations were provided for the members of the Blind Association during Christmas season by Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation. The fund was donated by Revd. Fr. Pilendran and Mrs. Shanthy Gobi, Canada.

Construction of house
Jaffna, 10 January 2019

Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation has given Rs.100,000.00 to a family in Vasavilan in December 2018 to complete the construction of house. Five member women headed family was struggling to complete their house and Mr.Vadivel, UK donated fund to assist this family.

Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Preschool, Christmas
Punkudutivu, 05 December 2018

Christmas Oli Vizha of Sarathjeevan Tharisanam Preschool, Punkudutivu was celebrated on 5th December 2018. Rev.Fr. S. Sebajeevan, Parish Priest of St.Xavier’s Church Punkudutivu was the Chief Guest. This preschool was constructed by SUNBEAM FOUNDARTION and the running cost also funded by them. Mr.Ajit Johnpillai Director of Sunbeam Foundation and Mrs. Marian Ajit visit regularly and give trainings to the preschool teachers and preschool children. We are grateful to them and take this opportunity thank them for their generosity. May God bless them.

Donation of Bicycles
03 October 2018


Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation has donated three bicycles for the students in Atchchuveli. Rev. Fr. Jeban donated Rs.14,800/- for one bicycle and Mr.Vadivel, UK donated Rs.29,600/- for two bicycles. We thank them.

Exercise books for the poor children
30 January 2018

Exercise books were given to the children from the vulnerable families on 12th January 2018. Dr. Mrs. Ratnakumary Pushparajah Family has donated Rs. 43,000.00 for this support. 43 children were selected by the Jaffna District Secretariat. Revd. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar handed over the exercise books to the children.

Exercise books were given to the children from the vulnerable families on 30th of December 2017. Dr. Mrs. Ratnakumary Pushparajah Family has donated Rs. 37,500.00 for this support. 30 children were selected by the Jaffna District Secretariat and Revd. Fr. C. G. Jeyakumar handed over the exercise books to the children.

Sixty water bottles to school children.

Water bottles

Sixty water bottles worth Rs.15,000 were donated by Mr. Sanjeeva Lokuge from Colombo for the Pallikudah Vidiyalayam in Poonagary division on 22nd Nov’2017. We thank him and the generous donors donated these bottles. Ms. Nithila Mariampillai handed over the water bottles to the Principal Mr. Arulanantham.

Medical Assistance

Rs.55,000 was donated to Mr.T.Robinson from Mavitapuram, Nallinakapuram for his child’s surgery in August 2017.

Construction of Washrooms for Differently Abled persons.

Rs.75,000 worth toilet was constructed for Mr. S. Arulanantham as he was bed ridden due to sickness and poverty in Siruvilan, Ilavalai in August 2017. Mr.Vadivel, UK donated the funds and we thank him. A commode facility was given to Mr. M. Grashiyan of Akkarayan on 10-10-2017. He has lost one leg in an accident. Mr.Vadivel, UK donated Rs.44,000 for this support.


In the memory of Catholic clergy sacrificed their lives for the people they loved and in the path of Jesus, Beauty of Meadows was created. You too can visit the website:

Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation supports the differently abled persons.
Punkudutivu, 11 February 2017

Fr.Sarathjeevan Foundation supports the differently abled persons living in Vanni through the Amathi Karankal, run by OMI Priests. Rev. Fr. Jeyakumar , Director of Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation handed over the advance payment to Rev. Fr. Anpurasa OMI, Director of Amathi Karankal on 9th of September 2015. Six differently abled persons receive funds for washrooms especially designed for them. Four differently abled persons receive funds for the self-employment. Funds were donated by generous donors living in UK. We take this opportunity to thank them.

Fr. Sarathjevan Foundation support financially to the women headed families to start poultry through Holy Family Sisters in Selvapuram, Kilinochchi. This fund was given to the women headed families engaged in “Bien Oottu Valum Industry” to start poultry on 9th of September 2016.

Support for Self-Employment
Kilinichchi – 9 September 2016

Amathi Karangal

On September 9, 2015 Rev. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation provided funds for self-employment project for women headed families in Selva Nagar, Kilinocchchi. Holy Family Sisters guide this project. Expatriate Tamils Mr. Vadivel and Mr. Pushparajah donated these funds. We thank the donors.

Educational Support for War Victims
Jaffna, 19 September 2016

Rev. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation is providing monthly stipend of Rs. 1000 to 15 students affected by war, living under poverty line and studying at St. Charles School. Inauguration of this project took place on 19th September 2016 and chaired by the Principal of the School Mrs. Christabel. Director of Rev. Fr. Sarathjeevan Foundation Rev. Fr. Jeyakumar provided the funds. In his speech he requested the students to study well. Benefiting students, Foundation’s Secretary Ms. Nithila Mariampillai and teacher Hamilton took part in this event. Mr. Vadivel from London provided the donations. We thank the donor.

Additionally another 23 students in Vanni and 14 students of Urumpirai Saiva Tamil Vidyalayam recieve monthly stipend of Rs. 1000. Totally 52 students receive educational stipends. Resident and expatriate donors provide these funds. We thank the donors.

Contact by post:
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